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Inspiring, Extraordinary, and Truly Unforgettable

Made with Jetaime is a husband-wife duo. The word "je'taime" in french means "I love you". However, the word is also special to this duo because it combines elements of their names together - Jennifer and Jaime. 

The duo got married on February 19, 2020 on the beautiful island of Oahu. It took 12 years for the "I do's" to happen. The wedding was planned by the duo without the help of a wedding planner. All the vendor contacts and management, timeline, layouts, seating charts, DIYs, decorations, and coordination leading up to the wedding event was done by them and all they needed was a coordinator for the day. The wedding was perfect and they'd do it all over again! 

A few days after the wedding, the idea of helping others plan their dream wedding because it was too expensive to throw themselves a wedding again came about and that was when MWJ was born. 

Jennifer is the creative and planner of this team, while Jaime works on logistics and behind the scenes of MWJ. Together, they create the perfect team to help you create your dream event. They believe that every couple deserves that once in a lifetime wedding and with their help, they can make it happen!




Mother. Wife. Teacher. Event Planner.

Hi! I'm Jennifer and I'm excited to help you in anyway possible for your event. I have always had a passion for event planning - it was what I wanted to do right before graduating college. I love planning birthday parties for my little ones, planning get-togethers with my friends, and helping with any events possible for family and friends. I even attended classes for event planning and had an internship with an event services company in OC. However, I put that dream aside for a career that would better support my family and that was how I became a special education teacher. 

I have a  bachelor's in literary journalism, which I believe has helped me with my storytelling, creativity, attention to details, and passion for listening and sharing other people's stories. Being a special education teacher, I have learned to be more patient, kind, and understanding of others. All these traits and skills will be used throughout the process.

Finally, it was after getting married and having a stable career and family life that I felt that it was finally my time to help others experience a wedding of a lifetime such as I have. 


Father. Husband. Marketing. Logistics.

Hi there. My name is Jaime (pronounced as Hi-may). Some fun things about me are that I love to play tennis, overland/off-road, and take photos. 

Just recently food photography has been a passion of mine that I pursue on my spare time. It allows me to slow down and execute the vision in my head.

At the end of the day I'm the behind the scene operations and marketing guy that helps Jennifer with whatever she needs to make planning your special day easy peasy.

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